Freckled Sky

is a team of multimedia creatives and technology experts - artists, directors, designers and engineers. We are dedicated to design and production of interactive shows and events. We tell stories and bring an immersive experience to the viewer. We mix projection, lighting, interactive solutions and special effects to create new forms of entertainment.

Our expertise

Concept development, set design, creative direction, lighting design, video engineering and production, 3D mapping, stage direction and show control, technical expertise.


Live concerts, tours, award shows, corporate events, theme parks, museums, trade shows, product launches, advertising.

The Team

Front Pictures is our partner that specializes in engineering, technical solutions, software development, video and interactive design production for the entertainment industry. Their work ranges from creating video content to building fulldome hardware, software, and architecture. In our productions, we benefit from innovative technologies created by Front Pictures.

Tenpoint is a team of pioneers of VJing, who practice live video performances and explore interactive digital art. They created 200+ live shows, a number of interactive installations, collaborations with international musicians and festivals. Tenpoint possesses its own style, often with provocative content. Combination of narration and abstraction is one of its important components.